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Urban-Kiz 1

As part of the Beginner Course, the basic steps and dance elements of the "Urban Kiz" dance will be taught.

Urban Kizomba is a modern dance style that originated from traditional Kizomba. It combines elements from Kizomba, Zouk, Hip-Hop, and other urban dance styles. Urban Kizomba is characterized by fluid movements, a close connection between dance partners, and a high ability to interpret music.

Participation in the course is possible with or without a dance partner - substitute dancers can be arranged if needed. Missed classes can be made up for with timely cancellation. A binding registration is required to participate.

Course fee:
Individual registration: €79 per person (4x 60 mins) / Students: €69 per person
Couple registration: €69 per person (4x 60 mins) / Students: €59 per person
10-class pass: €249 / Students: €219